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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this if I've never embroidered?

Yes. All the instructions you'll need are included. If you've never handled a needle and thread, it might take a while to get comfortable. Take your time, keep your thread length under 18", and just be sure you're not tangling things and that you're pulling the thread all the way through. Once you've got this rhythm established with simple straight stitches, you can keep adding to the stitches you've mastered. The stitching guides actually tell you which stitches to start with on a design if you're new to embroidery.


What can I do with my finished project?

You can finish it in the hoop and hang it or get a frame with a circular cutout and glass cover. My favorite thing to do is to finish the design in a nicer hoop and then display on plate stand or small easel. I add it to styled vignettes around my house.

Will the printed pattern wash out?

No. You may wash your finished project but the printed design will not wash away.

What's the difference between kits and fabric prints?

The kits include not only the fabric print but also floss, needles, a storage tin, and hoop. The fabric prints include just the fabric print and the stitching guide. You will need to supply hoop, needles, and floss.

Do you offer PDF patterns?


I see the option to add on scissors and needle minder. Do I need them?

You don't need a needle minder. It's simply a nice extra: it attaches to your work in progress with a magnet and will hold your needle when you need to put it down. 

You will need scissors, but any scissors that you have already will also work. Our scissors are the right size for fitting into the storage tin that comes with each kit, and I like having a few pairs for my my many works in progress.