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Lighthouse Embroidery Kit

I saw the lighthouse kit and fell in love with it so I knew had to order it. I’m so happy I did. I’m just getting back into embroidery after many years and had trouble finding stamped embroidery pieces at local stores. I was not disappointed when I got my kit, it’s wonderful. It arrived in a timely manner and it is beautiful! I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to get started on it.


I ordered a bundle of 3 kits! I am completely impressed with the quality of product as well as how easy the kits are to follow along (even as a complete beginner) I have trouble decompressing at the end of the day and since starting my first kit, I have trouble putting it down to go to bed. I love my experience with this product and I will definitely be repurchasing items! P.s. the scissors are completely precious, too!

Love the embroidery kit.

I am so happy with the kit and other items I bought. Will definitely buy more kits from stitched stories. Thank you.

Catnap Embroidery Kit
Susan Klitzke

I like that the pattern colors match the thread that you use. The pattern is very cute and the different stitches that make up the quilt are beautiful!

Rainy Day Embroidery Kit
Maureen McCarthy
Rainy Day

This is such a beautiful kit. Wonderful packaging in a nice tin, and the instructions are excellent. I’m looking forward to completing it!

Love you stuff

I will order more stitched projects

Stitcher's Tin
Sid Plemons
Coffee Time

The package arrived quickly, it is of good quality and I loved the gift. I just started the stitching and every thing is going very smoothly. Interestingly right after I ordered, my daughter and I were at a local thrift store. I found some Pottery Barn cloth napkins that had the same colors as the stitching piece. Looks like I may be doing a quilted border.

Quality Products

You will not be disappointed with this shop. Everything is as advertised and delivered in a timely manner.

Heavenly Hills

I started on the Rolling Hills kit yesterday. The instructions are so explicit and lead you in a good method. It makes this exciting and gives confidence that you can complete it and it will look good.

Mountain time

I have enjoyed this whole kit, thoughtfully put together. Everything you need in one cute little tin. Thank you! Will be purchasing more kits.

Summer Landscapes Bundle of 3
Jennifer Coleman Clements
Summer Landscapes Bundle

I only recently discovered Stitched Stories and began with the "Moths" kit, which I finished very quickly with the amazing instructions and little tin of supplies I received. I loved it! I decided to splurge and buy the summer landscapes bundle and have already begen on the "Mountain Time" kit. The scenes are fun and colorful. I am excited to continue exploring the other themes and continue to work my way through all of the options. The embroidery is very relaxing and fun.

Tree of Life

Can’t wait to start the tree of life! I’m a big fan of ALL the Stitched Stories patterns. Think I have every one of them. They are all so colorful and love the instruction book that comes with each one.

So pretty

I love the kit. It has everything I need to make a beautiful piece. I love the calming color pallet and the variety of stitches. Instructions are very easy to read and follow too.

Tree of Life

What a great experience I have had ordering embroidery kits from “Stitched Stories”! The kits give me everything I need to finish the beautiful creations I have bought! (I have finished 16 kits and have ordered many more.) Thank you, Debbie for your “gifted talents” that you share! I’m now working on “Tree of Life” now and it uses many creative stitches! ❤️

I love all the pattrns that I order from you, They are very easy to do and relaxing and fun.

Jacobean Embroidery Kit
Debbie Hanchett
Beautiful piece

Thank you for such a beautiful, fun piece. It is a delight to work on. Thank you for quick shipping as well.

Love the design

I love the design, I didn't know until I showed my oldest sister that she has seen that type of design in crewl stitching kits too. I can't wait to start working on it. I have bought several kits and my stitching is getting better.

Tree of Life Embroidery Kit

Debbie’s kits are amazing! Very well thought out designs! Can’t wait to start stitching!


I love bunnies!

Sit A While Embroidery Kit
Linda kostrubanic
Sit a While

This kit is amazing. Knew it would be high quality but I am amazed how perfect the kit is. I adore the tin supply box. Will be ordering again for sure!

Create Embroidery Kit
Maria McGuire
Create Embroidery Kit

I ordered two of the complete kits. As a longtime needle worker I have a room full of supplies. However, I travel quite a bit and there is nothing better than having kits like this on hand to grab and go. There is everything you need! The quality of the kits was wonderful. I also think that the kits would make a wonderful gift to get someone started in needlework.

Lucky Circke

I love my newest item from Stitched Stories. Like all the items I’ve bought, it is perfect. I chose just the fabric pattern this time but have bought several kits in the past. My goal is to have one done for every month. Since I’m in the process of moving, I may not have this one done in time to hang during March but it will be ready for next St Patrick’s Day! The kits contain everything needed to complete the project and the instructions are clearly written and color coded. As someone new to embroidery, I find them easy to follow and learn from.

Three great designs

I've started the Choose Love one and it's moving a long. I'm enjoying the designs and I can't wait to do the other two. I love learning new stitches and the directions and how-to's are easy to understand.

Play Embroidery Kit
Dorene Nuttman


Spring Mandalas Bundle of 3 Fabric Patterns

These are perfect for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter - so cute and colorful!