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Spring Folk Embroidery Kit
Pamela Schnathorst
Great kit!!

My granddaughter was showing interest in embroidery so I ordered this kit for her. Wish they had these when I was learning how, great directions, stitches are well explained, everything needed in one kit! And she loved the needle minder!!

Too much fun

To the woods is my second kit, and I am having so much fun working on it. As in all your kits, I love the use of design and color and the directions and stitching guide are very helpful to keep me on track. I do add one little element to the finished project, I embroider a little heart somewhere! Thank you Debbie! ♥️


I treated myself to these scissors. So glad I did, just the right size, very sharp. Make a great cut in embroidery thread.
Will be ordering another one for my take along bag.

Stitcher's Tin
Carol Venugopal

I love to stitch and love the tins! Everything I need is in the tin and the quality of materials is excellent. Thank you and keep doing what you do and expand your designs…

Great gift!

I gave this to my stepmom as a Mother's Day gift, and she loved it.

The title is perfect for this piece

Beautiful threads love my little tea cup needle minder. Beautiful kit.

Create Embroidery Kit
Mary Alice Blake

Create Embroidery Kit

Fun and Interesting

I am enjoying the Grow project! The hardest part has been threading the needle, but even the needle threaders help with that. Very relaxing.

Very nice patterns

Hi - haven't started sewing on them yet, have a new puppy! However, I do like being able to have the pattern applied with "glue" to a fabric. I have all that i need - hoops, thread, needles, etc. The only thing I would like to know is what types of fabric can be embroidered? I learned as a child and want to re-learn this craft. I love it!

Reminiscent of Home

I made the purchase of Rainy Day Embroidery Kit because of the Originality of the design. I haven’t seen any other design that comes close. It turns on a rainy day my mother first introduced me to embroidery.I was six years old when I first began my adventure. I have never turned back to date. I was intrigued by the design’s title. The scene was so close to my own memories. The colors drew me in even further into those warm times. Rainy days, boots to splash in puddles, and a warm welcome when arriving home from school. When I received the kit I couldn’t have been more thrilled. It was everything that I saw on the website and more. The quality compared to other kits I have bought from other hobby sources is unsurpassed. The fabric alone made me eager to want to start immediately on the project. Everything is truly supplied to complete the kit. The hoop is of fine quality. The tin that carries all the threads, needles, etc. is perfect to take with you when you are on the go. I am so glad to have found Stitched Stories. I am looking forward to more design kits that tell Stories.
Thank You Debbie.

Rolling Hills Embroidery Kit--what a joy to stitch!

This design charmed me from the moment I saw it--I love the colors and the whimsical scenery. And I loved that when I received it I was able to open the box and start stitching the kit that very day! Everything I needed was there, from the design beautifully printed on quality fabric, to detailed instructions on a sturdy and lovely booklet, to floss, needles, and a cute teacup needle minder in a tin that keeps it all together. Stitching this piece makes me happy, and Stitched Stories makes it easy and fun to do!


Love the pattern and instructions.

Can't wait

Love the pattern. Looks easy to do. Can't wait.


I love the preprinted patterns. Easy to see and instructions are clear and easy.

Rainy Day Embroidery Kit
Lisa McAllister
Rainy day fun

Great kit

Spring Folk

Such a cute one to do! I love the colors and stitches, took me two days to finish it as I couldn't put it down!


I am SO excited to get to work on this! Excellent directions and materials!

Sit a while

I am enjoying working on the kit. Very nice to have everything I need. Thanks Cindy Brown

Itching to stitch!

Love the stitch kit I ordered. Can’t wait to finish this coffee themed kit for a friend. I learned embroidery as a child from my grandmother. These kits are fun and nostalgic for me.

Create Printed Fabric Pattern
Melissa Scolastico
Create - stamped embroidery

I absolutely love this I will post when I am finished. Super fast shipment and beautiful designs.
I will be purchasing more 😊

Beautiful patterns

These patterns are all high quality, colorful and have such detailed instructions included. I also got the stitch kit with the cutest little needle minder shaped like a camper 😍❤️😍

I have to stop myself from buying more before I finish these. Shipping was quick and customer service was A++

Grow Embroidery Kit
Lauren Kasper
Beginner & Love it!

Still learning and this one is teaching me all the stitches! I bought because I'm a gardener but I have fallen in love! Easy to follow and built my confidence!

My stich story

I just finished my 7th one and I can't tell you how much I'm loving doing these! When I order they usually arrive a day earlier than planned. My new order is waiting for me at my mailbox....a day early!
I knew most of the stitches, but have learned two new ones which I will be using in other projects.

Create Stick and Stitch water-Soluble Pattern

Love it. Arrived quickly and I can't wait to start this one.

We just love these kits!!