Spring Mandalas Bundle of 3 Fabric Patterns - Stitched Stories
Spring Mandalas Bundle of 3 Fabric Patterns - Stitched Stories
Spring Mandalas Bundle of 3 Fabric Patterns - Stitched Stories
Spring Mandalas Bundle of 3 Fabric Patterns - Stitched Stories

Spring Mandalas Bundle of 3 Fabric Patterns

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Description of Spring Mandalas Bundle of 3 Fabric Patterns

Embrace the mindful hobby of embroidery with a coordinated bundle of 3 color-printed fabric patterns.

NOTE: This is a bundle of three fabric patterns. You supply your own hoop, needle and floss. If you'd prefer all-in-one kits that includes these supplies, go to the KITS section of our shop. Find recommended DMC floss colors for each pattern here.

In Spring Mandalas, 3 colorful designs move you from winter into spring with a nod to the seasonal celebrations. The three are united by a mandala design, color overlaps across the patterns, and a repeated double-grid motif.

Experienced stitchers enjoy the range of classic hand embroidery stitches in these patterns, while those new to needle crafts use the clear and complete how-tos to learn this comfort craft suited to all generations.

Finished project dimensions: 8"


Lucky Circle

Embroider a four-leaf clover mandala in a trio of greens. Each leaf is divided into curved sections that give you opportunity to use a variety of stitches and combinations as you fill and outline them. Claddagh-inspired rings have an apricot heart that's filled with lazy daisy stitches and a yellow crown--all providing more fun stitching. This design is great not only for St Patrick's day but also for the whole spring season or someone who has a passion for all things Irish or luck-related.

Easter Fluffle

Easter Fluffle gives you a layered circle of embellished bunnies and Easter eggs that's fun to embroider. The warm pastels are perfect for spring and the Easter holiday. You'll use 10 classic hand embroidery stitches to render outlines and details that include lazy-daisy blossoms and stems, zigzagged borders, nested clusters, French-knotted ears and more.

Choose Love

The variety of heart-filling stitches here make "Choose Love" a satisfying and fun project. Embroider this heart-filled hoop for Valentine's day, weddings, anniversaries, and any time you're feeling full of love. You'll stitch nested, stacked, mirrored, and grid-filled hearts in three shades of red. Layered over them is a dove in two bright blues.


::> 3 color-printed fabric patterns printed to 10.5" square cotton fabric

::> 3 easy-to-follow illustrated stitching guides

Customer Reviews

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H. Sloan
Perfect! All you need, ready to stitch.

I’m mostly new to embroidery and these kits have well explained instructions, I follow them start to finish. Even the slightly more complex stitches are explained well, I can do them and the finished piece looks great!

Spring Mandalas

I chose the Spring Mandala Bundle because I wanted something easy for road trips. The mandalas give me more practice working the on the stitches. I have loved every pattern I have gotten from Stitched Stories.

Sonja Tompkins
Floss Colors?

I don’t understand why the patterns don’t include the numbers for the DMC floss. You provide them on the website, so why not simply include them on the pattern?

Hi, Sonja, One of the quality elements of our kits are the full skeins of DMC brand floss which I buy from wholesale suppliers. Sometimes a floss color is not to be found for weeks or even months (less common now but a frequent situation in 2020-2022). In that case I substitute a very close color match--which will have a different DMC number. Stitching guides are printed in quantities of 500--so there is not an easy way to redo if I include a different DMC floss number in kits. And that is why simple, generic color names are used in the guide. You can write the DMC number in the guide yourself when you receive the kit. If you ever have a problem figuring out which color is which, please use the CONTACT link on our website. I'm glad to help.

Gale Imig
Mandala stitch grouping

I love the fine details on each stitchers motif. They are easy to follow and I can always changes things up a bit. They are just simply fun to do!!! Love them!!

Spring Mandalas Bundle of 3 Fabric Patterns

These are perfect for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter - so cute and colorful!